Real, Honest Confessions of 4 DIY Brides

Real, Honest Confessions of 4 DIY Brides

Lisa Freedman
Jun 30, 2017
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The problem with Pinterest is that doesn't give you the full story. Sure, it'll give you a ton of great ideas, but it doesn't tell you how many hours, tears, or Band-Aids were wasted during the process.

We talked to real DIY brides to get the honest truth. They told us how they pulled everything off, what they wish they had known, and what they would have done differently.

Rest easy: None of these ended in tragedy and no weddings were ruined in the making of these DIY moments.

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1. Confessions of a bride who stocked her own wedding bar.

Whether it's for a wedding or not, alcohol can add up quickly. Hoping to save some cash, Amanda and her groom decided to procure the booze for their big day on their own. "We personalized our drink menu, served everything we wanted (and nothing we didn't), and saved a ton on markup and fees — but it wasn't without challenges," she says. There are all sorts of things Amanda needed to figure out and decide, including but not limited to how much she needed to get, where she could buy it all, and how she'd get it to the venue. She pulled it all off — with just one hitch: They ran out of ingredients for their signature drink and the bride didn't even get one!

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2. Confessions of a bride who catered her own wedding.

Cooking for your own wedding sounds like one of those impossible tasks, like paying attention to a conference call while puppy sitting, and yet Dee somehow managed to do it — successfully, without any meltdowns! She had a total budget of $2,000 for the entire wedding and needed to make food for around 60 guests. In order to do it all and still enjoy her big day, Dee opted for lots of little snacks instead of a larger sit-down meal, which would have been harder to orchestrate. The whole thing went rather smoothly, but Dee still learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way. For example: Test the equipment ahead of time. And get a point person to help with the actual event.

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3. Confessions of a DIY bride who sneakily got other people to make her dessert.

The joke here is that Meghan very well could have baked her own wedding cake. She's the mastermind who came up with this Wonka-esque rainbow surprise cake! She just didn't want to add anything else to do her to-do list for her homemade wedding. She wasn't even sure if she wanted a cake, anyway! After lots of urging from their photographer, Meghan's soon-to-be husband came up with the perfect solution: Throw a wedding dessert potluck and make other people do the work. It ended up being one of her favorite parts of the wedding, and she's got a few tips on how you can copy the idea.

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4. Confessions of a bride who made her own wedding favors.

Kelli, another one of our woefully skilled bakers-slash-editors, decided to make 200 rosemary shortbread cookies to give out as wedding favors. As the very first of a dozen batches of shortbread went into the oven three nights before their wedding, she realized she slightly underestimated the scope of this project and just how much time it would take. She got it all done eventually, and her husband joked to all the guests that she baked each favor with love and exhaustion.

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Your turn! What elements are you making (or did you make) for your own wedding? What will you do (or did you do) to keep it from becoming a cautionary tale?

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