Tips for Reducing Food Waste & 25 No-Bake Desserts This Time Last Year

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The heat was no match for us last year. We were in the kitchen with lobster rolls, sticky rice, and a bevy of no-bake desserts. These, plus tips for reducing your food waste and some unexpected help for large-batch canning, after the jump.

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Get your lobster on with these summer-tastic lobster rolls.

• Eating for $31 for 31 days? Believe it or not, it can be done!

This almond dew is terrific in cocktails and summer spritzers.

• What do to if you’ve fallen into a cooking rut.

Could there be a better way to end a dinner outside than with a cherry lambic ice cream float?

Here’s how to line your pans with parchment to make lifting those trays of brownies and bars a snap.

• Can you even imagine this kitchen as a galley?

A staple of Thai restaurants, mango sticky rice is surprisingly easy to make at home.

• Check out this list of ten easy ways to reduce our food waste.

Mmm…a bowl of steamed mussels and a pint of beer for dinner.

• Open shelving, middle island with oven, bar perch for guests: is there anything this awesome kitchen doesn’t have?

Here’s our best method for trimming up a whole mess of green beans in no time.

• Try a cake banner next time you don’t feel like getting out the piping kit!

• You never know what will come in handy when you start a big batch of canning.

• A peek at New Orleans from a mixologist’s perspective.

No oven required: our 25 favorite no-bake summer desserts.