Tips for Organizing a Refrigerator and Freezer

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Let’s help Kitchen Cure-taker woodnymph here with their refrigerator and freezer issue. This was their note to me along with the above photos:

fridge (notice the gross spill in the bottom – who knows how long that’s been there?)
door (thing often fall out when you open or close it)
freezer (no idea what’s in back)

We need to help this person get their Cure going!

What are your favorite tips for organizing your refrigerator and freezer? Here are a few of mine:

• Clear your counters and take everything out. Use the floor if you have to. Work on the refrigerator and freezer separately.
• Get rid of anything that is not usable anymore. Expired, moldy, empty, etc. You know there’s stuff in there. Two open jars of the same thing? Consolidate!
• Scan for things you keep in the refrigerator that you don’t have to: many condiments, like fish sauce, for example, are commonly stored in the refrigerator when they don’t have to or, in the case of fish sauce whose salt crystallizes if refrigerated, shouldn’t be.
• Organize everything into areas of relevance: dairy, meat, produce, condiments, etc.
• Take out drawers, shelves, anything else that can be easily deconstructed and clean like crazy. I like a vinegar/water solution for this task. Then reassemble.
• Produce goes in drawers, meats on lowest shelf possible, then work up from there.
• For the freezer, if you use plastic storage for leftovers, soups and sauces, try to streamline your collection so that stacking is more uniform.

Right away, woodnymph, I see several bottles of soy sauce (which can be consolidated and does not need refrigeration) and little yogurt containers on several different shelves. We can’t wait to see your “after” photos!

Share your tips below. Let’s help woodnymph!

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