Tips for Making Cupcakes Ahead of Time?

updated Nov 14, 2022
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Q: My mom and I are driving from Minneapolis, MN to Madison, WI next weekend to visit my grandpa for Father’s Day. A few other relatives are coming too. I am in charge of the celebratory dessert and was hoping to make cupcakes as they are festive and enable portion control (my grandpa is on a diet).

The problem is, I need to be able to make the cupcakes two days ahead of time, then drive them 5 hours to my grandparent’s house.

Do you have any suggestions for good make-ahead recipes? Do you have any tips for transportation and assembly?

Sent by Rachel

Editor: Rachel, if you want really fresh-baked cupcakes, you could freeze the batter and bake them at your destination. Take some buttercream in a piping bag (keep it in a small cooler to keep it cold) and frost them there too.

Or you can simply make cupcakes ahead of time (these chocolate and vanilla recipes are quite moist and would keep well) and frost them there.

Readers, any thoughts or tips?

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