Tips for Lunches That Can Be Left Unrefrigerated

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We often get questions from our readers about lunches that can be left unrefrigerated — what can be packed and just left underneath a desk? While we have a few go-to ideas, like these salad-stuffed pita pockets, we’re always glad of more ideas. Take a look at this article that covers safety issues, creative ideas for kid-friendly lunches, good lunch bags, and more!

This article comes from a local parenting mag. (Full disclosure: I found it because they did a little piece on me and my new book.)

There were some interesting bits in this piece. I particularly liked the note that yogurt can be left out at room temperature longer than you might expect because the bacteria cultures fight spoilage. I also liked the list of creative alternatives to the sandwich, and the great recipe for tuna and white bean salad.

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What’s your favorite no-fridge lunch?

(Image: Emma Christensen)