Tips for Eating Well on an Elimination Diet?

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Q: At the suggestion of my doctor, I’m trying a 2-month food elimination diet to see if there are any unknown food intolerances that may be the cause of my chronic health problems. I’m looking for meal ideas (breakfast, lunch, or dinner!), since pre-planned meals will be the only way I can possibly follow this plan. There are numerous restrictions: no gluten, dairy, soy, corn, citrus, refined sugar, alcohol, or caffeine! Also, has anyone done the elimination diet? I would love to hear other people’s experiences and suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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Editor: Let’s look at the things that it sounds like you can have: eggs, nuts, grains, beans, meat, non-citrus fruits, and vegetables other than corn. I’m probably missing a few foods in there, but I think those are the biggies!

With this list in mind, I’d recommend looking at grain salads with chickpeas and beans and lots of vegetables, soups (which have the added advantage of freezing well), stir-fries with rice and meat, and lots of snacks of fresh fruits. And of course, just about any dish is improved with a poached egg on top!

Here are a few recipes to look into:

Readers, do any of you have experience with eating well while following an elimination diet? Any good recipe suggestions?

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