Tips for Better Deep-Frying at Home?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: I just cannot get the hang of deep frying. I follow temperature charts based on what I’m frying, but I can’t get that golden, crispy crust on anything. It either burns or gets logged with oil. I’ve tried different types of pots and pans (stainless, enameled cast iron, deep, shallow). Please help!

Sent by Lauren

Editor: Have you checked your thermometer lately? It sounds like you either have your oil to high (burning food) or too low (soggy oily food). The easiest way is to dip the thermometer in boiling water and make sure it reads 212°F. Also, be sure to let the oil come back up to temperature between each batch. It’s annoying to wait, but worth it for perfectly fried foods.

Readers, what suggestions do you have for deep-frying at home?