Tip: Take In-flight Meals Into Your Own Hands

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The skies are anything but friendly for those of us who care about what we eat. The fact that domestic flights no longer serve food is a blessing, but since airports are lousy with fast food chains and offer few other choices (SFO is one of the few exceptions) there’s nothing to do but pack your own food.

But what to pack? So many restrictions. Don’t bring anything smelly that will annoy the person sitting an inch from you. Don’t bring anything that requires sharp implements to prepare or consume. The food you pack must not be too perishable. You’ll need something light to help you comfortably weather the cramped seating and frequent pressure changes. And, here’s a new one: Don’t bring yogurt (too gel-like).

We want to hear your ideas for in-flight dining DIY style and help other Kitchen readers get over their Fear of Flying Foodless.

Here’s a start: Trail mix, presliced hard cheeses, crackers, grapes, apples, premade sandwiches of prosciutto and fig spread, the best chocolate you can find (very comforting) and perhaps a salad that you don’t mind eating with a plastic fork. Marinated beets, (careful now) coleslaw dressed with vinaigrette.

What else? Give us your tips and thanks for sharing.