Tip: Use Mushroom Stems in Your Next OmeletGourmet

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

All too often we slice the caps of our mushrooms and toss the stems. It’s especially tempting when working with portabellas, where the wide, meaty caps are the the main event, and the stems are an afterthought. But here’s a way to use the whole mushroom, tip to end.

Just like with the tougher ends of asparagus, mushroom stems can be sliced thin and used in any number of dishes. Gourmet is pushing them for omelets.

• Get the recipe: Portabella-Stem Omelet, from Gourmet

This calls for the stems from eight portabella mushrooms, which is a lot if you aren’t making a big batch of something else with the caps. But remember: You can freeze stems over time, adding to the collection until you have enough. Also, no one says you can’t use the caps, too. This is a good reminder that, if you use the entire mushroom, you can buy fewer at the market.

(Image: Stephanie Foley for Gourmet)