Tip: Use an Apple Corer to Give Cupcakes a Filling

published Oct 16, 2008
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Whether or not you think cupcakes are a waning fad, as long as there are children in the world and muffin pans for sale, we think they’ll stick around. If you’ve got an apple corer handy (’tis the season, right?), you can make those cupcakes a little more sophisticated and surprising…

Once the cupcakes are baked, twist an apple corer down through the top, without hitting the bottom, and burrow out a little tunnel. Then use a piping bag to fill it with extra icing, if you’re a sugar fiend, or squirt in some lemon curd, softened peanut butter, jam, or whipped cream.

You can cut off a small bit of the cylinder of cake you take out and use it as a plug, although that’s not really necessary. The icing will cover up the hole.

Does anyone else make their cupcakes with a surprise filling? What’s your favorite?

(Flickr member pink_fish13, licensed under Creative Commons)