Tip: Use a Toast Rack to Help Cook Lasagna Noodles

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here’s a fun little tip we picked up via Flickr. We do suspect, however, that this tip will only be useful to our British and Canadian readers, who know what a toast rack is and how to use it. It’s not just a unitasker/holder for your toasted bread, you see; it can also be used to make better lasagna.

Do you have problems with lasagna noodles sticking together when you boil them? Flickr member ndrwfgg did. She says:

One of the problems I have always had with lasagne is that even if the packet says “no pre-cooking necessary” that ‘s always a load of rowlocks (rhymes with…). But if you chuck the whole packet into a large pan of boiling water, you end with a hot sticky mass of sheets of glued-together lasagne, and end up with either scalded fingers or shredded lasagne.

Not any more! The toast rack will cope with being boiled…

Nice! We love tips that turn unitaskers into multitaskers.

Now the question is: do you own a toast rack?

(Image: Flickr member ndrwfgg licensed for use under Creative Commons)