Tip: Try Long Lasting Lemon Thyme

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Many people tell us they don’t use fresh herbs because they cannot cook through a whole bunch of them before they go bad.

We suggest trying lemon thyme or another member of the thyme family. Stand a bunch of washed and dried thyme up in a glass in the kitchen. It will dry for you right on the counter and last a couple of weeks. Thyme keeps most of its flavor when dried.

Lemon thyme has the herby brightness of thyme with an especially clear citrus flavor, without the acid, that can stand up to roasted meat and other intense flavors. How would you describe the flavor?

We love lemon thyme with fresh tomatoes, roasted eggplant, or the brown-buttered corn recipe from The New York Times. Kitchen reader Art told us he uses lemon thyme on grilled chicken and in martinis. Chocolate and Zucchinni used Lemon Thyme to flavor a creme brulee and the sign at the farmer’s market says lemon thyme works well in soothing sore throat teas.