Tip: Toast Your Cheese Rinds!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve talked about using hard cheese rinds in stock and soups, but we still seem to get stuck with leftover Parmesan rinds. We hate to waste all that lovely flavor. Well, here’s something new, from Elise at Simply Recipes: Toast your cheese rinds!

Elise says that you can toast cheese rinds over the stovetop or under the broiler — just like marshmallows! (Oh wow — campfire-toasted cheese rinds? Maybe cracker-and-salami s’mores?) You can just eat the toasted rinds, or cut them up and put them in salads or in soups. Have you ever done this?

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What do you do with cheese rinds? Have you ever toasted them?

(Image: Elise Bauer. Used by permission.)


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