Tip: To Clean a Pasta Maker, Just Add Water

published Jul 18, 2011
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With all their crevices and small parts, pasta makers can be a pain to clean. Aki and Alex from Ideas in Food shared a simple tip for keeping the dies from your pasta maker clean, using just a bit of water and some free counter space.

They keep their pasta maker dies clean by simply soaking them in water after each use, until the next time they make fresh pasta. When the dies are washed clean of exterior dough and submerged in a bit of water, any dough stuck deep in the crevices stays soft enough to be pushed out by the next batch of dough and discarded. This method keeps the dies from being scratched and damaged by vigorous cleaning.

We imagine this technique would be most practical if you make fresh pasta often, as the maintenance required — just changing the water every so often — wouldn’t be worth the every-six-month batch of pasta.

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Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping a pasta maker clean?

(Image: Ideas in Food)