Tip: The Best Way to Break an Awkward Silence at a Dinner Party

(Image credit: Jessica Hagy)

We’ve all been there. You’re at a dinner party and everyone is chatting away, having a great time, when suddenly silence falls over the table. And there it stays, getting more awkward by the moment. Help! What’s the best way to end it and get the conversation rolling again? Here’s one tip from an expert.

Jessica Hagy, the author of How to Be Interesting, gave this advice to The Splendid Table:

“If you’re faced with an awkward silence at a dinner party, the only thing that always gets everyone murmuring and talking again is to give the host a compliment,” Hagy says. “He or she is the person who is feeling the weight of that awkwardness the most. Just quickly turn around and say, ‘This souffle is magnificent and you have to tell me all about it.'”

This is such an easy to remember trick that will work in nearly every dinner party situation to help kickstart the conversation. The only time it won’t work is when you are hosting the party!

Check out the full story for more party conversation advice and fun diagrams of the ideal dinner party.

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How do you deal with awkward silence at a dinner party?

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