Tip: The Best & Quickest Way to Warm Up Pita Bread

published Mar 15, 2013
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(Image credit: Anjali Prasertong)

I always keep a bag of whole wheat pita rounds in the freezer for last minute lunches; they can be stuffed with salad, eaten with hummus and vegetables, or even topped with avocado and egg. But how to transform a rock-hard piece of frozen pita into a soft, warm pocket? Here’s a method that is fast and foolproof.

On a gas stove, turn the flame on medium-low and place the frozen pita directly on the burner. Flip it and move it around every 5-10 seconds to ensure it heats evenly and doesn’t burn. (I just use my hands, but you could certainly use tongs.) It usually takes less than a minute to take the bread from totally frozen to warm, pliable and a little crusty.

I learned this technique from my childhood best friend’s mother, who was a stellar cook originally from Lebanon. Years before I cooked or cared about the best way to heat flatbread, I knew there was no better after school snack than a freshly-warmed piece of pita and a bowl of her inimitable hummus.

What are your favorite ways to eat pita bread for lunch?