Roundup: Our Best Tips for Summer Tomatoes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The East Coast has finally caught up with the West Coast, and now we’ve all got tomatoes in the markets. Time for a perfect tomato sandwich—and a refresher course on the best way to store, slice, skin, and savor tomatoes…

We’ve offered a lot of suggestions on caring for tomatoes over the years, and these are some of the best. If you want recipes for using fresh, ripe tomatoes, click here.

• For starters, know where to store your tomatoes. (NOT in the fridge, but maybe on your dining table?)
• You can buy an All-Clad Tomato Slicer, but the easiest tool is really a bread knife.
• To give them a bit more dimension, roast them under the broiler before chopping them up for a recipe.
• Or skin them for a pretty salad.
• Got green tomatoes in your garden? Here’s how to ripen them or use them as they are. Our favorite: fried green tomatoes.
• If you have a surplus, here’s some encouragement for preserving them in jars.

Any more secrets for choosing, handling, or storing tomatoes? Add them to the list.

(Image: Flickr member jacki-dee, licensed for use under Creative Commons)