Technique: Roasting in a Sauté Pan

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Living in an apartment with such a small kitchen and very little storage space, I have to be very selective about the pots, pans and kitchen tools I own.

I love it when things can serve dual purposes. Since I don’t have a nice, heavy bottomed roasting pan, whenever I want to bake a chicken or roast some pork tenderloins, I just use my sauté pan.

I just place the meat on a bed of diced potatoes, root vegetables and/or sliced onions and just roast it like normal. Then when the meat is finished cooking I remove it and the vegetables to a place and place the sauté pan on the stove top and it’s ready to deglaze to make the gravy or pan sauce. Just be careful not to touch the handle. It will be very hot. Also, before you try this at home, make sure your sauté pan has a handle that can go into the oven without melting.