A Better Way To Roast Beets?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

While roasting beets for Valentine’s Day-appropriate pink pasta, we tried something a little different from our usual wrap-in-foil technique, and it resulted in especially succulent tasting, easy-to-peel beets…

We usually roast beets wrapped in aluminum foil, and that technique works very well. However, this time we followed a Martha Stewart recipe, which called for wrapping the beets tightly in a parchment-lined piece of foil. It’s possible to buy manufactured parchment-lined foil (in fact, Martha has her own brand), but we used separate sheets of foil and (unbleached, silicone-free) parchment paper.

Upon unwrapping the roasted beets, it was clear that the parchment had held in more moisture. The beets didn’t stick or develop caramelized spots as they often do when we use foil only, and they were very easy to peel. The result was a smoother surface on the beets – not really necessary since we were pureeing them, but this could be an advantage when presentation matters, like composed salads and stacks.

We probably won’t use this method on every occasion (it does seem slightly wasteful), but the outcome was noteworthy.

Do you have any beet roasting tips to share?

(Image: Emily Ho)