Tip: Put Leftover Pasta in Your Frittata

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve been writing quite a bit about frittatas lately. Emma’s working on mastering them; Faith made a beautiful lemon and leek one. This is our favorite frittata trick, one we learned early in life. In fact, we ate this so often growing up that we thought all frittatas had spaghetti running through them…

The one above has remnants of this pasta in it, and it was a very delicious (and cheap!) dinner a couple of nights ago.

Pasta plays a similar role as potatoes in a classic Tortilla Española. It adds some heft and firmness to a simple frittata, making it more than a glorified omelette. It makes a big slice of frittata a very filling meal.

Plain, cooked pasta works well and won’t compete with the other ingredients or flavors you were planning to add, but we’ve thrown in pasta that’s already covered in cheese or mixed up with vegetables. You really can’t go wrong, although we don’t think a heavy tomato sauce would set up well with the egg filling.

For ours, we sautéed some onion and mushrooms we had on hand, then threw in the spaghetti (which was coated in mascarpone, lemon, and spinach) so it had a chance to warm up and sizzle a bit. Then we poured over the eggs that had been scrambled with some milk and added a big handful of parmesan cheese.

It helped clear out a few containers in our fridge and solved the problem of what to eat for dinner. Win-win, we say.

Who else adds pasta to their frittatas?