Tip: Making Fruit Ices

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

For those of you trying to experiment with fruit ices for the Best Lick! Ice Cream Contest, here are a few helpful hints that might help you understand the science of making fruit ices, which will take you a lot further than just trying to copy an existing recipe (tsk tsk.)

• Use no more than 1 part sugar to 4 parts liquid. If there is too much sugar in the mixture, the ice will not freeze properly.

• Use ripe fruit. Don’t be afraid to use what you might consider to be over-ripe fruit; the flavor is far superior to under-ripe fruit, which, when cold, is even more tasteless than at room temperature.

• Adding a few squirts of lemon or lime juice will help preserve the flavor.

• If you are adding alcohol, stir it in after freezing in the machine, and before the final freezing stage in the freezer.

(photo: Testaproduce.com)