Tip: Soak Onions in Water To Reduce Tears

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Do you remember the tip we gave you a little while ago for taking the “bite” out of red onions? Mr. Mexico himself, Rick Bayless, recently reminded us of this tip, and guess what — it works for all onions, not just red ones!

We were catching up on our DVR episodes of Mexico: One Plate At A Time (you record American Idol, we record Rick Bayless…) and Rick took the cameras into the kitchen at his Topolobampo restaurant.

His sous-chefs were busy prepping onions and he quickly stopped the camera operator to make sure he got a shot of their large buckets filled with water and drowning onions. (Onions can’t swim without water wings — didn’t you know?) He said that all the onions in his restaurants get a quick dip in the “pool” before being used in any dish: fresh or cooked. They don’t need to soak long, just enough to get them washed off after being peeled and having their ends cut off. Not only does it eliminate tears, it also brings out their true flavor without being so harsh.

We’ve been using this trick in our own kitchen and with it being grilling season, we’ve gone through more onions in recent weeks than normal. We can officially share (once again) that this is a fantastic tip indeed.

Forget about holding your breath, lighting candles, standing on one leg, or wearing those silly goggles… just give onions a quick bath! Your tastebuds and your eyeballs will thank you!