Tip: Haggle For End Of Season Pricing

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Over the weekend we had a chance to visit a few pick-your-own farms. With winter quickly approaching in the Midwest, farmers were more than anxious to get rid of their crops before any more hard freezing occurs. This opens up a whole new world of opportunity when it comes to taking home produce in bulk at bargain prices!

Pick-Your-Own farms all work under their own set of rules and guidelines for pricing on admission or price per pound. But chances are if you call ahead or talk to the owners/managers upon arrival and announce your intention for hauling away a good portion of their goods, they’ll work with you on price.

We found farms that normally sell their produce for $0.25/lb had things marked down by almost half just to get the fields cleared before the snowfall comes our way. If your local farms don’t have pricing reduced (usually those selling pumpkins and decorative gourds/squash hold off a little longer to maximize sales) don’t be scared to ask, especially in these economic times, most places will work with you on cost! Plus canning the last of the fields bounty can make for extra-tasty Christmas presents!

Have you ever haggled for pricing before?
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(Image: Flickr Member Fishermansdaughter licensed for use under Creative Commons)