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Tip from Gourmet: Slice Citrus Lengthwise, Get More Juice

published Sep 8, 2008
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We know this is the second Gourmet video in as many weeks that we’re promoting, but this one really surprised us. You can get three times as much juice from a lemon just by slicing it lengthwise instead of crosswise? Wow. Get a link to the video, below…

According to food editor Ian Knauer, who demonstrates the technique in the video, this is how they juice citrus in Mexico. You can watch Knauer juice two lemons, sliced different ways, and then measure the juice. The lemon sliced crosswise — the way most people naturally cut it — yields about two tablespoons of juice. The one sliced lengthwise yields 1/3 cup.

We assume the greater surface area on the lengthwise lemon allows more pulp to be juiced, but we’re also thinking that our favorite wooden reamer isn’t designed to fit a lengthwise-cut lemon half. Dilemma.

Do you juice your lemons this way? What tools do you use — a stand juicer, like the one in the video, or something else?

Watch the video here:

(Image: Flickr member Ms. Tea, licensed for use under Creative Commons)