Tip from Ellie Krieger: Eat Your Vegetables with a Little Fat

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

So much nutritional advice seems to be about cutting back, trimming down, and going without. So it’s nice to have a dietitian and healthy-eating role model like Ellie Krieger tell us it’s okay to toss our steamed carrots with a little olive oil. In fact, she has good reasons for recommending it!

In a recent Fine Cooking article, Krieger explained that there are many nutrients that can only be absorbed into our bodies if they’re eaten with a little fat. Vitamin D and beta carotene are the biggies.

So even though it would seem like plain steamed veggies would be the healthy way to go, it’s actually better to sauté them in a little oil or coat them with a vinaigrette after cooking. We get all the nutritional benefit of eating vegetables, plus the pleasure of eating something rich and vibrantly flavored.

Take a look at Krieger’s other tips for maximizing the nutritional benefit and tastiness of vegetables:

Read the Article: The Right Way to Cook Vegetables by Ellie Krieger, Fine Cooking April/May 2011

(Images: Emily Ho and Gregory Han)