Tip from Dorie: Chopping Chocolate

(Image credit: Faith Durand)

Here’s one more tip from Dorie Greenspan on chopping chocolate into homemade chocolate chips. We’re doing this and baking those peanut butter and chocolate chunk bars that Sarah Phillips shared.

If you buy chocolate in big hunks or heavy bars, it can be a bear to break it down into recipe-size pieces, even more bearish if you want small, similarly sized pieces that will melt evenly. The tool that makes this – and more – simple and fast is a long serrated knife.
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Put your chocolate on a cutting board and, starting at one end, use the serrated knife and a rocking motion to cut the bar down to size.

For melting chocolate, cut the chocolate into smallish flakes – the smaller and more similarly sized the flakes, the more quickly and evenly they’ll melt.

Thanks Dorie!