Tip from Domino: Make Mini-Gratins in a Muffin Pan

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The October issue of Domino has a great article that might inspire you to throw a dinner party soon. It’s a timed rundown of how to create a meal and a pretty table in scant time after work (granted, the plan has you leaving work at 5:00, but you’re also starting at the grocery store). The best trick, to us, had to do with these individually-sized gratins…

We’ve seen this tip from Domino before. In an issue a couple of years ago, Jennifer Rubell made individual eggs benedicts, fully formed, in a silicone muffin pan. We thought it was pretty cool then, and we’re still impressed.

In this story, contributing editor Nathan Turner makes little potato leek gratins in a muffin pan, layering cheese and slices of vegetables and spooning a bit of milk into each cup. We’re not sure you are necessarily saving time—you still have to slice the potatoes and leeks, and it’s probably more time consuming to fill individual cups—but they probably cook faster, and the presentation is nice.

Get the entire menu, with a link to the gratins, here:

(Image: Max Kim Bee, for Domino)