Tip: Freeze Fruit Fillings for Pies Right Now

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As we mentioned yesterday, apples are at their peak right now! And, depending on where you are in the country, the same goes for pears, quince, and even some late stone fruit. So stock up on fruit now at inexpensive farm stands, and freeze some pie filling.

We loved this tip from Sunset about freezing pie filling ahead. Their article is all about freezing apricots; their season is so fleeting! But this could work for pears, apples, and other fruit as well.

Just cut up and slice your apples and toss them with whatever you put in your pie filling. Then freeze in a greased pie pan and, when the apples are hard, lift them out and wrap for long-term freezing. Then when you want to bake a pie all you have to do is plunk that ready-frozen chunk of homemade pie filing in a crust!

Do you ever do this? We’re tempted to try it; we love apples so much, and this would help us bake a lot more of it in the late winter.

• Get the recipe for make-ahead pie filling: Summer Pie, Any Time at Sunset

(Image: James Carrier/Sunset)