I’m Seriously Obsessed with These Tiny $7 Sporks (I Use Them for Dinner Every Single Night)

updated Apr 28, 2020
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Spork on a plate
Credit: Amazon

I have a thing for small silverware. Maybe that’s weird, but there’s something about the large, bulky dinner fork that just feels too heavy in my hand. Large silverware also makes me eat my meals faster. (Larger forks, bigger bites, right?) I’m already a fast eater, so anything that helps me savor my food a little more is helpful.

I think the obsession with tiny silverware started back in college when I discovered these lentil salads from Argo Tea. I couldn’t eat enough of them — and they came with this cute little green spork (a cross between a fork and a spoon). I was so into this spork that I would wash and re-use it for the rest of my non-lentil meals. My boyfriend at the time thought it was hilarious — there were random green sporks mixed in with the rest of our silverware!

Sadly Argo Tea discontinued their lentil salad. (And trust me, I was devastated. I even contacted people on LinkedIn from Argo Tea to ask where I could find the original lentil salad recipe. Embarrassing? Maybe.) Not only did I lose my favorite lentil salad, but I also lost my continuous stream of plastic sporks. I used the ones I already had, but they began to break in the dishwasher with time, and finally I had zero left. 

I had no choice but to look on Amazon for a replacement — and I hit the jackpot. I found these teeny, tiny stainless steel appetizer sporks that were more durable and chic. Yes, they are meant for ice cream and salads, but I use them for everything! A piece of salmon or chicken, pasta, eggs, and more. I can also use them as a swap for a spoon rather than just a fork, too, for yogurt or cottage cheese. They are dishwasher-safe and sturdy, so you don’t need to worry about any wear or tear. 

Of course you can also just save them just for apps, parties, and dessert — but really, if you have experienced the joy of eating with a tiny spork, I’d give it a shot. And hey, if you don’t believe me, they’re an “Amazon’s Choice” pick with close to a five-star ratings. See, I am not the only one!