Tiny Shell Spoon: Immensely Joyful Eating Experience

Tiny Shell Spoon: Immensely Joyful Eating Experience

Leela Cyd
Mar 10, 2011

One of my most adored kitchen items is also one of the smallest. My Vietnamese mother of pearl spoon may be tiny in size (about 3 inches long), but it yields large amounts of joy.

Have you ever eaten off a mother of pearl spoon? They are usually used for caviar, but I find them divine for eating yogurt, smoothies or puddings and using them to swirl the milk into my tea. Eating off a non-metal surface really affects the taste and mouth feel of whatever it is you're indulging in. It's an experience quite silky and "matte." What I mean by that is there's an absolute neutrality as the food meets the tongue, and the unfamiliar, smaller vessel throws off the eating norms as well.

While traveling to Vietnam and several other countries, I quickly started a motley spoon collection for a few reasons: they were beautiful, small and light (ease of packing) and I knew when I returned to the US, I'd use one of my travel spoons everyday for tea/coffee routine, reminding me of my adventuring days.

I highly recommend this practice, or just starting to seek out interesting spoons wherever you are. You may be delighted in what you find!

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(Image: Leela Cyd Ross)

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