Peek Inside a $2,500 NYC Apartment That Doesn’t Have a Kitchen Sink

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New York City’s rental market can be cost-prohibitive, and there have been many unconventional living arrangements that pop up in response, like this apartment that’s no bigger than a parking space. Now, there’s a new addition to the list: one that doesn’t have its own kitchen sink.

In the following video from TikTok account @rentnewyork, viewers get a tour of the tiny apartment. “That’s it. This is the whole thing,” the real estate agent says as he walks into the rental, which features a small kitchen, an area that could fit a couch and a dining set, a bathroom, a closet, and a loft bedroom.

As mentioned, the place doesn’t have its own kitchen sink, so you’ll have to use the one in the bathroom. 

But it’s not completely terrible. The apartment has a full-sized refrigerator, its own private bathroom (not a guarantee in “efficiency” apartments), and a surprising amount of storage (assuming you own a tall ladder). The real estate agent adds: “This is the best I’ve ever seen at under 150 square feet.”

The price to rent the NYC flat? $2,500 a month.

Many in the comments section had jokes about the size of the place. “It’s not an apartment. It’s a ROOM,” someone said, while another follower added: “The fridge has more room than the actual apartment.”

Some poked fun at its features, too. “It has everything BUT the kitchen sink!!” reads a comment. Another commenter posted: “Imagine bringing someone home from the bar and they gotta climb a ladder.”

Others voiced their concerns about how New York City’s housing market is spiraling out of control. “We have to start capping what can be charged per square foot under 500 [square feet]… This shouldn’t be more than $1,500 and even THAT is crazy.”

“Is this even legal? OMG,” someone said, to which another replied: “It’s New York!”

Would you be willing to pay $2,500 a month for a place like this?

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