The 10 Best Organizing Ideas We Learned from Tiny Houses

updated Mar 16, 2020
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Tiny homes are the ultimate challenge when it comes to organization. If your small space feels limiting, think about how these folks must feel. And yet, they’ve all figured it out! So we looked to these unofficial experts to steal some of their best ideas. Whether you live in a tiny home, an itty-bitty apartment, or a 3,000-square-foot house, you can reap the benefits of these clever organization and storage solutions.

1. Use a tiered dessert stand for plates.

Cumbersome, specialty kitchenware, like a dessert stand (better yet, a double-tiered dessert stand) can be an efficient and super-cute way to store plates and bowls, we learned from these house-on-wheels owners.

Credit: Carina Romano

2. Mount a plate rack to the wall.

Another plate trick from these tiny house inhabitants: Instead of stacking your plates, store them upright. It looks like these folks have a custom shelf, but a dish drying rack could also work!

3. Create “drawers” where you can.

Drawers are almost always going to be better than shelves — because a drawer can be pulled out, allowing you to see everything easily. Follow the lead of these tiny house owners and add boxes or baskets to shelves where you can to turn them into makeshift drawers.

4. Edit, edit, edit.

These tiny-house owners should be inspiration to us all: Have less stuff!

5. Dry your dishes in your sink.

Short on counter real estate? Take a cue from these Airstream owners and store your dish rack (in this case, just a wooden plate rack) in the sink. This way, it doesn’t take up counter space and the plates can drain right into the sink as they dry.

Credit: Ryan Tuttle

6. Turn your sink into extra counter space.

Speaking of sinks! These tiny house owners put a gorgeous cutting board over half of their sink to add more counter space. You could even cover the entire sink and just slide it over when you need to run the water.

Credit: Liz Calka

7. Opt for seating that doubles as storage.

A chest or a storage ottoman can work double-duty as storage space for kitchenware and seating in your living area or dining room space. If you’re handy, you can DIY a wooden chest like these tiny home owners did.

8. Hang what you can.

We absolutely love how this Australian tiny-home owner hangs her cookware, utensils, and even her mugs to save space on counters, and in drawers and cabinets. Get as much as you can up and out of the way. Not only is this smart for storage, it also turns your kitchenware into decorative items.

9. Put little corners to good use.

Have an awkward corner that won’t fit furniture? Don’t be afraid to occupy floor space creatively. This RV owner smartly keeps a vintage wooden crate in the corner of the kitchen to store jars and display plants.

10. Hang shelves (or baskets) where you can.

These tiny house owners prove that no space is too small when it comes to shelving (or baskets, which can be hung as makeshift shelves). These baskets make the perfect homes for cleaning supplies and a go-to cookbook.

Which of these are you most excited to try?