This Marie Kondo-Inspired Tiny Kitchen Is Filled with Brilliant Storage Ideas

published Jul 11, 2019
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Imagine you had only 160 square feet of living space and had to decide what stays and what goes. Who would you call for help? When designing their tiny home in northwest Phladelphia, Haley and Michael turned to Marie Kondo (of course).

“We ‘tidied up’ after reading Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. While we weren’t necessarily hoarders or slobs before, we did find that it significantly and permanently changed our attitude towards our stuff and how we keep it. You’ll never really maximize your space until you get the right relationship with your stuff, which takes some soul-searching work,” Haley says.

Because of the design of their tiny home, Haley and Michael needed to find unique places to store the things they deemed essential. Here’s the stuff the couple prioritized and, maybe more importantly, where they put it all.

Their first order of business was to avoid the trap of making everything in their tiny home, well, tiny.

That’s why they avoided the trap of installing an 18-inch counter or a tiny camper sink, which would make the kitchen feel “cramped and shrunken.” Instead the couple went with a larger, more normal-sized cherry wood countertop, sourced from a tree at Haley’s parents’ house. It has enough space to support an induction burner, IKEA sink, junk drawer, dish drying rack, and even their cat, Lionel.

Below the countertop are multi-level shelves (custom, of course), which hold the couple’s toaster oven, various gadgets, cooking vessels, cleaning supplies, and utensils.

While the corner cabinet in most kitchens is pretty useless, Haley and Michael maximized the area by mounting corner shelving units for bowls, mugs, tea tins, and canisters. In effect, they created a makeshift pantry space where they otherwise wouldn’t have had one.

Haley and Michael decant pantry staples like oats, nuts, seeds, and lentils into canisters to make sure they know what they have and what they’re running low on. The clear canisters make the space look uncluttered. Bonus points for the extra little floating shelf, which perfectly fits staples like oil and vinegar.

Because Haley and Michael don’t have many drawers, the couple DIY-ed the hanging dish rack where they keep their plates. This way, dishes are always in reach!

Our favorite part in the entire kitchen might just be these cheese boxes, which act as storage drawers. “The cheese boxes work really well for me. I think in general the best storage products are those that fit perfectly into the space they’re inhabiting, because they waste less space,” says Haley.

Overall, Haley and Michael put their heads together to create a space that their friends say “is cozy but doesn’t feel as small as you think it would!” Isn’t that what we’re all going for?

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