Tiniest Kitchen Ever? Jack’s Micro Home

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We are always interested in seeing how city-dwellers work with tiny kitchen spaces. Perhaps the reigning champion of tiny kitchen spaces belongs to Jack, an artist and musician who lives in a 10×16 Manhattan apartment. See more of Jack’s kitchen and some of the things we noticed about it, below…

• Jack’s whole apartment is only 10×16 – our dorm room was bigger than that! The kitchen is immediately to your right as you walk in the door.

• Kitchen storage and pull-out table under the sink.

• Shelves with books and cool jars – we like these colorful plastic canisters.

• Jack chooses even his silverware very carefully – there is a place for every single thing in this apartment.

• A little cupcake! And a vintage Chemex coffee maker – small footprint and great coffee.

• His limited and curated cabinet of foodstuff – see the Perfex pepper grinder! This heavy, solid little mill is one of our favorite kitchen objects.

• More food.

• The sink becomes a dining area with a cutting board and stool.

• Note the steel-cut oats – two cans!

• Two small burners.

• The whole kitchen/library.

• See the whole tour and read more about Jack at AT: New York – NY House Tour: Jack Makes Micro Changes and Jack’s Really Small Home.