Times Top 5: No-Knead Bread is Back!From the NY Times Dining Section 10.08.08

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Two years after he ignited the No-Knead Bread phenomenon, Mark Bittman is back with a faster version. (Hmm… Sounds familiar.) There’s also an easy, healthy, one-pan steamed fish and a dessert with a sweet history. Get links to our favorite stories, below…

1. Bittman speeds up No-Knead Bread—and throws in whole grains.
More yeast yields a quicker rise, although Bittman admits that Jim Lahey didn’t agree with all of his changes. We wonder what he’d think of our No-Knead Bread in a Hurry and No-Time Bread.

2. Cast-iron pans don’t heat evenly?!
Food scientist Harold McGee tests out sauté pans, from copper to cheap stainless to new Teflon alternatives, and weighs in on which cook best. We learned a lot about heating oil and cooking over high heat without getting sticky, stubborn residue.

3. We’re making this soon.
Melissa Clark’s steamed flounder with mustard greens and ginger sounds so simple, and it only dirties one pan. Great for a quick weeknight dinner.

4. A Jewish-Indian dessert for Yom Kippur.
Saath padar pastries with coconut and pistachios were the specialty of a grandmother who hid her Jewish faith while living in Pakistan.

5. Farming saves a town.
Hardwick, Vermont thrives in tough times by supporting local farmers and each other.

What was your favorite piece from the Times this week?

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