Times Top 5: Interactive Picnic Basket for Inspired PicnicsFrom the NY Times Dining Section 07.02.08

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re on the same wavelength with the Times today; we’re talking about grilling, and they’re talking about picnics. Mark Bittman returns to his famously popular lists of quick dishes and pulls out 101 20-minute dishes for picnics. We’ll drink to that! See our top five favorite things from his list and the rest of the Times Dining section below.

  1. Interactive picnic basket: Grapes with cheese
  2. – We loved the little zoom-in-and-out picnic basket. Hey, we’re easily amused this holiday week. But our favorite “recipe” was grapes with cheese; feta cheese, green grapes, salt, mint, a little chili. Wow!
  3. Reds on ice – not heresy
  4. – Eric Asimov tells us all about reds that are supposed to be chilled. We occasionally like a chilled Zinfandel, so we cheered this.
  5. Pretty people on scenic rooftops
  6. – It’s summer – time to eat on the roof. Take a look at some outdoor dining in the city.
  7. Truly crisp fruit crisp
  8. – Melissa Clark eschews “squishy and jammy” crisps, with a “vague attempt at crunch.” Here’s a truly crunchy and nubbly fruit crisp.
  9. 11 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating
  10. – And we can’t ignore this recent post from the Well blog, especially since two of our favorite foods – cabbage and beets – are near the top of the list.

What was your favorite idea or picnic recipe from Bittman’s list? Did we miss any of your favorite bits from the Times this week?

(Image: Photo: Tony Cenicola; Interactive Graphic: Monica Evanchik and Zahra Sethna for The New York Times)