Times Top 5: Food Mills and Rice CookersFrom the NY Times Dining Section 10.01.08

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s gadget week at the Times dining section! First the rice cooker and its surprising jump into multitasking territory, then a secret weapon for turning your kid into an omnivore. These links and more in our favorite picks from the New York Times Dining section this week.

  1. Make entire meals in a rice cooker
  2. Not just for perfect rice – try Bibimbap with Salmon and Spinach or Biryani with Saffron made in the rice cooker. Have you ever cooked an entire meal in the rice cooker?

  3. Cooking for 2 and a half
  4. Buy a food mill! That’s the general lesson from Keith Dixon, who feeds his 7-month-old daughter ravioli with sage butter, pecorino and crispy sage leaves – all well-pureed if course.

  5. A tribute to Paul Newman
  6. Looking past his acting at the effects he had on organic snacking.

  7. Pasta – Turkish dumpling style
  8. Delicious meal from Melissa Clark.

  9. Flank steak Spanish style
  10. From the Minimalist. Steak rolled up with herbs, eggs, olives and seasoning? Yes please.

What were your favorite parts of the Times this week?

(Image: Francesco Tonelli for The New York Times)