Times Top 5: DIY Cheez-Its?From the NY Times Dining Section 02.04.09

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Bittman is pushing homemade crackers laced with butter, cheese, or cream. His specialty is Parmesan, inspired by his childhood love of Cheez-Its. We share that love, so we might be making these soon. We’ve also got an inspiring article about Biggest Loser contestants learning to cook and a braised rabbit in today’s New York Times Dining roundup…

1. Bittman makes parmesan crackers. They look so crunchy and easy. We’re in.

2. Biggest Loser secret: learning to cook. This is an alternately sad and hopeful article about how overweight Americans are completely out of touch with healthy food from scratch—and how cooking at home is one of the most important ways to lose weight.

3. Braised Bugs Bunny. Melissa Clark has a way to keep rabbit tender and moist, in an easy braise with mustard and (of course!) carrots.

4. Peanut butter is the perfect recession food. Even the recent salmonella scare won’t dampen its popularity as a cheap, protein-packed snack.

5. A taste of 2004 Barolos. Hail and drought wiped out a few years of Barolos, but the 2004s are good to go (although still better if you let them sit a few years).

What are you reading in today’s Times?

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