Times Top 5: Collard Greens and American Soy SauceFrom the NY Times Dining Section 10.22.08

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Attention, Southern cooks: Brooklyn-born Melissa Clark makes collard greens the, ahem, right way—braised with plenty of smoked meat for flavor. More recipes and interesting food news in our picks from today’s New York Times…

1. Collard greens with cranberry beans and sausage. Clark learned her technique from Sylvia Woods (of Sylvia’s in Harlem), and although she cooks her collards for less time than some of us Southern cooks, this still looks like perfect comfort food.

2. Soy sauce from Louisville, Kentucky. Really interesting article about a guy aging soy sauce in old whiskey barrels.

3. Roundup of new cookbooks. If you want to get a jump on holiday shopping, this is a good read. We’ve reviewed a couple of the books already (A Day at elBulli and A Platter of Figs) and there’s Bakewise from Shirley Corriher, which is bound to be excellent.

4. Kasha cooked in chicken fat. Do you eat kasha? This toasted, hulled buckwheat was a big part of our childhood, so we’re bookmarking this recipe for kasha varnishkes.

5. The truth about “Samsonite” grape clones. Interesting piece about vine cuttings from Burgundy vineyards that are smuggled into the US used to make California pinot noir.

What did you like best from The Times today?

(Image: Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times)


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