Times Top 5: Chickpeas, Sweet Corn, and Giant Ice CubesFrom the NY Times Dining Section 09.03.08

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When we think of getting back into home cooking this fall, for some reason chickpeas come to mind. Their humble shape and savory tenderness feel homey and delicious; plus they are quick, easy, and rather meaty. The Minimalist reaches out with a great recipe for them in the Times this week, too – see this and the rest of our picks from the New York Times dining section below.

Along with primary coverage of new restaurants in New York for the fall, there was some good home cooking happening too.

  1. New tricks for old chickpea
  2. Can you say “Chickpeas with Ginger”?
  3. Three stunning corn recipes
  4. Melissa Clark gives us Spicy Fried Corn With Bacon and Chipotle, Corn, Tomato and Basil Chowder and Brown Butter Cornbread With Farmer Cheese and Thyme. Yum!!
  5. Massive ice molds from Japan
  6. Bigger ice cubes means slower melt and less dilution.
  7. Jim Lahey’s new project
  8. We make an exception to our no-restaurant coverage for Lahey – the paterfamilias of the infamous no-knead bread. We’d eat pizza from this man’s restaurant!
  9. Slow Food report
  10. A cautiously positive review of last week’s festivities in San Francisco.

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