Times Top 5: A Pattern for Sour DrinksFrom the NY Times Dining Section 06.25.08

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This week the Times dining section has a special issue – it’s all about drinks! We were hard pressed to choose just five favorite things this week, but we managed. Here are our top picks, including some great blender drinks, a master pattern for sour cocktails, and more.

  1. The Times’ illustrious tasting panel skips beer and liquor for… soft drinks?
  2. The best root beers in the land – on tap here.

  3. The blender’s back in the spotlight
  4. Most bartenders loathe the blender and its lineup of fruity, silly drinks. But a few bars are bringing back blended drinks that are worth a second sip.

  5. A pattern for sours from the Minimalist
  6. Mark Bittman helps us master a basic pattern for nearly every classic cocktail you can imagine.

  7. Croque-Monsieur!
  8. But it’s not all just drinks – there’s good bar food too, including the ultimate sandwich to pair with drinks.

  9. Aged beer?
  10. Cellars – they’re not just for wine, apparently!
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

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(Top image: Tony Cenicola for the New York Times)