Times Top 4: Lobsters on Sale!From the NY Times Dining Section 12.10.08

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The Dining section is a study in contradictions today, with thrifty being the theme but a lot of space devoted to eating out—hence a Top 4. And lobster? Really? Well, yes. Melissa Clark tells us why sustainable fisheries have created more supply than demand, so lobster is cheaper than usual. Read about that, plus a sorbet you can make in your food processor, below…

1. We predict a run on lobsters in NYC. We certainly have the urge to splurge on lobster tonight. Not only does Clark pinpoint several stores where lobsters are discounted but she also gives tips on how to kill them more humanely.

2. More persimmons! Harold McGee gives a quick tutorial on the two types of persimmons (Faith put Hachiyas to good use in this beautiful tart), plus how the pH of a persimmon pudding makes it a dark, chocolate brown color.

3. Maybe the easiest sorbet, ever. Bittman pulses frozen fruit, yogurt, sugar, and water in the food processor and, behold, fruit sorbet. No ice cream maker needed.

4. People are cooking more at home. Not exactly a news flash. But it was nice to see this article amid all the restaurant coverage (even if the lead article was about eating out for less than $100…) This article pointed out some interesting differences in what people do when the convenience of restaurants is stripped away. Some are pulling out old cookbooks and getting back into the kitchen, others are taking baby steps and relying on frozen foods. Did you know canning jars are selling out in some places? And registration is up at cooking schools in New York.

What did you think of the Dining section in today’s Times?

(Image: Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times)