Time for Tea! Any Blends to Recommend?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Right around this time in the year, we always seem to start craving tea instead of coffee. There’s something in the soon-to-be-spring air that makes us want the floral flavors of tea in our mugs! Our tea collection is in some serious need of restocking – what teas are you drinking right now?

Last year, we were all about orchid oolong. We still love its mellow and somewhat coconut-like flavor. It seems to fit this transitional season perfectly.

Ceylons are also a good choice this time of year. They’re black and caffeinated, but with uplifting notes of honey and spice. This would probably be the best choice for weaning off of our high-octane coffee, plus we can use it to make chai!

What other teas would you recommend?

(Image: Flickr member prakhar licensed under Creative Commons)