Tim & Sara’s Blue and Red Philadelphia Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We love modern kitchens; but we also love the successful merriment of modern efficiency and vintage charm. We think we found the jackpot of do it yourself vintage charm meets modern efficiency kitchen with Tim & Sara’s Blue and Red Philadelphia Kitchen.

We have so many favorite aspects of this kitchen. For starters, we love that the home owners, Tim & Sara did much of the work themselves. Tim hand built all of the kitchen cabinets, and even the light fixtures! Their stove was found in the basement when they purchased the home, and the refrigerator was found at a nearby thrift store.

We really love the small tile backsplash &mdash it’s a great color that works well with the blue cabinets and red accents. We also love the newly finished wash room in the back of the kitchen. It houses the washing machine, as well as additional cabinets and pantry.

Tim mixed all of the paints himself and his friend handmade the ceramic knobs for the cabinet doors! It pays to be handy and have handy friends!

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(Images: KristenLubbe)