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I Tried the Popular Toaster-Dilla Hack from TikTok and It Was Awesome

updated May 10, 2021
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Credit: Meghan Splawn

Quarantine has increased my quesadilla consumption tenfold. Not only am I making them daily for my kids’ lunches, but we’re also eating them sheet pan-style filled with canned beans and frozen corn for no-mess family dinners. Basically, my family is surviving quarantine on cheese and tortillas (which is also to say we’re doing just fine, thank you).

Imagine my delight when a late-night TikTok rabbit hole led me to the fastest quesadilla method I’d ever seen: the toaster-dilla. Toaster-dillas don’t require a pan or even a cheese grater, and promise actually crispy tortillas with melted gooey cheese in under two minutes. I tried the hack at home — and much to my delight, it was just as fast and fun as it looked. Here’s how to do it.

Credit: Meghan Splawn

Toaster-Dillas Are the TikTok Recipe We Didn’t Know We Needed

I wasn’t actively searching for a faster way to make quesadillas, but as a self-proclaimed quesadilla aficionado, I was quick to give @viking_davidson’s TikTok video my full attention. Warning: This video has some NSFW cursing, so listen with earphones if your kids-who are-now-your-coworkers are around.

Davidson slaps a large tortilla on a plate, adds two slices of cheddar cheese, then folds the tortilla in a way I was not expecting! First, the sides come over the cheese like a burrito, and then the opposing sides are folded together to make what can only be described as a cheese wallet. The real surprise is Davidson sticking this little cheese pocket into a toaster, on what looks to be setting 3-4 on most toasters. Then he pulls the half-cooked quesadillas out, reverses the pocket’s folds, and toasts it again until the tortillas are crispy and golden-brown.

Credit: Meghan Splawn

Almost immediately after seeing this video, I tried the technique for myself. I was curious if I had to use pre-sliced cheese or if I could use grated cheese (my personal preference for quesadillas and grilled cheese). So I tried two tortillas side by side — making a quesadilla for myself and one for my 5-year-old for second breakfast. My tortillas were the more standard 8-inch size (Davidson’s look to be 10-inch, more commonly used for burritos), so I worried that mine would be too small and burn in the toaster slots.

But the results were exhilarating! Why had I never thought to toast tortillas? Both the sliced cheese and the shredded cheese melted into gooey perfection, and the tortillas crisped and browned beautifully. Depending on your toaster, you might find a lower setting works best for toasting all sides of the tortillas without burning any ends.

You could easily add other fillings, too — even the tiny pieces of cheese stayed snugly inside the tortilla. I’ll be keeping this quesadilla trick in my pocket throughout quarantine — they’re perfect for busy parents, hungry kids, and even my burning-the-midnight-oil college-student brother. In fact, I can’t wait to teach my kids how to make these easy tortillas themselves.

Have you tried a toaster-dilla? Tell us your favorite toaster hack in the comments!

Credit: Kitchn