This TikTok Hack Uses Starbucks Key Chains as Shot Glasses and It’s the Best Thing You’ll See Today

published Nov 15, 2022
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‘Tis the season to eat, drink, and be merry, and if you’ve been spending time on TikTok, you’ll know there’s an emphasis on the “drink” portion of that statement as the latest trend is taking the internet by storm.

According to TikTok sensation, @CrownMeCutie — and many other content creators on the platform — the miniature Studded Cold Cup key chains that Starbucks previously released can also double as a shot glass. Now, if you’re just as skeptical as this content creator was (and as I was, too), then don’t fret; she actually went on to debunk the claim.

Sharing a video of her trying this new, but now legendary shot glass myth, she first presented the keychain to viewers, then explained how she was going to try it out. Quickly demonstrating how it opens and closes, the Atlanta-based creator showed her 1.7 million followers how the shot glass is easily accessible when needed before rinsing it out and pouring a shot to see if it really works like other have said it does. And to both my surprise and @CrownMeCutie’s too, the hack was a success!

She enthused, “Gone and go buy it! Gone and go buy it! You got a shot keychain. Starbucks is doing their thing,” she enthused while trying to digest the strong shot of liquor.

If you recall, back in 2021, Starbucks released the mini tumbler keychains as miniature replicas of their famous coffee cup. While initially it was presented as a keychain-turned-ornament, it was only a matter of time before people found other uses for it, too. And in this case, this little cup serves as a convenient shot glass on-the-go. 

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had a shot glass emergency. As the holiday season can sometimes get hectic, however, you never know when you may need it! Whether you need a little kick of juiced lemons or something stronger, this might be a

fancy way to take a shot

Though the official key chains are located in most Starbucks stores, if your location happens to be sold out due to this new trend, you can always find some on Etsy.