7 Zero-Effort Hacks I Found That Make Small Kitchens Feel Big

published Apr 11, 2023
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I love aspirational content on TikTok, but sometimes I just want something easy. Yes, I’m saving that DIY kitchen backsplash (because maybe), but the really useful TikToks for me are the affordable home organization buys. There’s nothing more satisfying than scrolling along, finding something brilliant to reduce kitchen chaos, and ordering it with a quick tap. 

Below are seven smart solutions for small kitchens, collected from my hours of scrolling TikTok. They require almost no effort, cost less than an order of burritos, and will make even a postage-stamp-sized kitchen feel positively spacious. 

Ditch the knife block.

I’m not a huge fan of magnetic knife strips because they always feel too industrial for me, but when I saw this warm wooden one in the kitchen of @grillodesigns, I was sold. Here’s a similar bamboo one I found on Amazon.

Use vertical space. 

This is an IKEA hack that involves zero paint — I promise. Flip the $6.99 IKEA BEKVÄM spice rack upside down, add a $3 pack of S-hooks for produce baskets or towels, and you have way more than a spice rack on your wall.

Corral the water bottles.

This honestly might be my favorite purchase of the year so far! Stack your tumblers like wine bottles with this free-standing, stackable bottle storage rack. It fits perfectly into cupboards or even in the fridge.

Maximize cabinet storage. 

If you have limited cabinet space, these tips from @tanyahomeinspo will help. She uses shelf risers, under-cabinet mug hooks, under-cabinet shelves, and renter-friendly sticker hooks that can hold up to 35 pounds to basically turn her cabinet into the TARDIS. 

Tame freezer chaos. 

The secret to the success of these freezer bins is their slim profile. Nothing will fall sideways in your freezer ever again. The bins are extremely popular and sell out regularly — I waited months for mine on Amazon — and they’re on the pricier side of this list (a set of three is $35). But they’re worth it. 

Downsize your kitchen tools.

Yep, another one of @arinsolange’s Amazon recommendations. This kitchen scale is as slim as a chef’s knife. You could also opt for a flat cheese grater, or a collapsible drying rack, strainer, or funnel.

Create space for cleaning products out of thin air. 

These adhesive sponge holders are waterproof and allow your sponge to drain into the sink, rather than a soap dish. The poster also recommends this adhesive paper towel holder, which can live inside a door or under a cabinet. Another idea is to get all those cleaning supplies off your shelves with these adhesive spray bottle holders recommended by @arinsolange for inside your cabinet doors.

These products made my kitchen feel a little bit bigger, and my time spent scrolling a lot more productive. Love these ideas? Find more small kitchen solutions here

What are your favorite small-kitchen finds? Let us know in the comments!