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People Are Eating This 4-Ingredient Pickled Garlic Snack by the Jarful (It’s So Good)

published Apr 30, 2021
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Homemade pickled garlic cloves preserved in mason jars with chopped chilli peppers - in a row.
Credit: Getty Images | Bill Boch

TikTok has gone wild for a totally simple pickled garlic snack that is full of big, strong, supercharged flavor. The trend started from a single video, posted by a user called Lala, reports Today, and now 45 million people have watched videos tagged #pickledgarlic — and that is more than triple the number Today wrote about last week.

The snack, like so many social media hits, is absurdly easy to make and uses a store-bought staple as the base: jarred pickled garlic. But because Lala had been trying to fulfill a craving inspired by the kimchi a former neighbor had made for her, she needed to dress it up. She starts with a natural pickled garlic — no added oils or flavors — then drains all the vinegar out before adding Sriracha, chili flakes, and thyme. “It’s so good,” she says in the original video. “I’m going to have a tummy ache tomorrow!” But she also encourages her almost two million followers to give it a try and let her know how they like — which many have done. 


Yeaa… I will finish this glass in the next 5 minutes… UPDATE: oops saw this in my drafts I meant to post it last night haha

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She has since done a lot of videos clarifying about her garlic and answering questions from her followers. She shows the jar she uses and how she makes it — with “a lot” of Sriracha, a teaspoon of Korean chile flakes, and also “a lot” of thyme, then shakes it for a while. Another answer just says, “My breath is fine, guys!” and she assures that the treat doesn’t make you smell. And she proves that she eats the entire jar at once, because apparently people don’t believe her. She tells the whole story about how she came up with the snack — needing to make her pickled garlic spicier so it matched the flavors she missed from her Korean neighbor’s kimchi. She admits it’s not kimchi, but it’s quick and hits the right flavors.

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