This $14 Mini Vacuum From Amazon Is All Over TikTok

published Dec 20, 2023
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In the year and a half that I’ve been on TikTok, I’ve genuinely learned a lot (much to my surprise): new recipes, workout ideas, decor styling tips, the latest Gen Z interests, etc. Do I know all the trendy dance routines, or even how to make a video on the app without Googling help? Absolutely not. I’m more of a behind-the-scenes TikTok observer, quietly liking and revisiting whatever piques my interest. Recently, though, my feed showed me one specific kitchen hack that I just HAD to publicize because it’s downright genius and shockingly affordable. Hint: Your counters (or desks, or tables) will never look better.

The video I saw came from TikTok user Alli Schroeder (@thatmomalli), who’s amassed a major following on the platform thanks to her frequent “Amazon Finds” content. Here, she shows various Amazon under-the-radar products she’s discovered, from stylish storage options to convenient car organizers to unique gadgets. The latter category led me to a post of hers from January 7th (that’s since generated 1.3 million views, NBD) with Schroeder testing out a — drum roll, please — very small (and fairly stylish!?) cordless vacuum. In the quick 13-second clip, no crumb gets left behind as she uses the tiny round tool to seamlessly scoop up leftover coffee grounds from her white countertop.

With comments on the video ranging from “I need this for my desk” to “order placed” to “I have a pink one and I love it,” I knew I had to scope out this mini cleaner for myself. And just as I suspected, it’s equally well-revered on the Amazon site itself, touting over 5,300 five-star reviews — which makes me a wee bit upset I haven’t encountered this sooner, TBH.

Here’s the lowdown: The handheld cordless creation clocks in at 80 millimeters wide by 60.5 millimeters tall — but don’t let its mini proportions fool you. Working on a rechargeable 90-minute battery life, it’s still substantially strong enough to pick up hard-to-reach messes (especially in tight spots!), even on surfaces outside the kitchen like your sofa or dining table. And when the built-in waste bucket gets full, you can easily remove the bottom cover and toss any remnants in the trash. Just note that, per the Amazon product description, the vacuum shouldn’t be used for more than 10 minutes at a time to avoid any potential damages.

Currently, the useful little (major emphasis) device is on sale and available in white or orange, starting at $13.99. Which, to challenge the many TikTok viewers who suggested just sweeping counter crumbs onto the floor, this costs significantly less than a Roomba or even a standard handheld vacuum for the same effect. Plus, if you have pets or children, do you really want to worry about extra floor debris? I think not. And while the product’s now-famed TikTok demo features a white surface, this feels especially perfect for tidying up dark countertops or tables where it’s harder to see food residue in the first place.

Moral of the story, I firmly believe this easy-to-use vacuum should be a fixture in every kitchen… or bathroom, or bedroom, or any small space that could use a speedy sweep. Heck, a handful of TikTokers even marveled at its practicality in terms of catching things like beard hair or spilled glitter. Whatever the mess, the cool contraption instantly knocks a line off your cleaning checklist with just a brief seconds-long vacuum. Although it sadly doesn’t move on its own, it looks utterly adorable to use regardless. Thank you for this breakthrough, cleaning TikTok — I’m forever indebted.

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