Keep Your Plants Watered While You’re on Vacation with This Clever TikTok Hack

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Credit: Kristan Lieb

Plant parents, you don’t have to worry about your babies anymore while you’re on vacation, because as it turns out, they’re more self-sufficient than you think.

Justine Shannon of TikTok account @selfcareplants has shared a hack on how to water your houseplants while you’re away using only a pot (or bucket) of water and a wick. In the following clip, she places the pot beside the plant, noting that the water level should be higher than the plant’s pot. Then, using a cotton macrame cord, she dips one end into the water while burying the other end as deep as she could into the soil. 

The reason for this is pretty clever: the plants’ roots use the wick as a straw, taking sips of water when they’re thirsty.

In another post, she gives an update after returning from her 12-day trip. “I’m happy to report the plants are happy and thriving,” Shannon said. She pointed out that her nerve plant was doing great, even though it requires frequent watering because it has thinner leaves. Other plants, such as the pothos, even had new growth.

Her basil, though, didn’t survive. The comments section was quick to point out that, for bigger plants, more strings are needed and that the string should be buried deeper to reach more roots.

The hack can also be used on dying houseplants. In the video below, Shannon adds a bit of liquid plant food into a vase filled with water before connecting the wick to a droopy nerve plant. The next scene reveals the stunning result: the same plant looking good as new.

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